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Paintings can be done in different sizes ranging from  18inx24in to 3ftx5ft. Just email your favorite photos for me to use as reference and tell me what you have in mind. I'll create your custom one-of-a-kind portrait, emailing you during the work in progress for your input and approval. 


Watercolor Painting 

Done with high quality watercolor paints, pencils, metallic watercolors and crayons



Oil Painting 

Done with high quality professional oil paints like Utrecht, Gamblin, and Winstor & Newton. I prefer to use panels, wood or canvas for oil paintings. 


Note( This takes longer to do because of slow drying time. Prices only include one subject additional people or difficulty will rise the price of piece. Thank You. )

$500- 2000


Acrylic Painting 

This is done with Utrecht, Liquitex Basic, and Golden Paints

$200- 800

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