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Drawings are  done with archival high quality paper and materials.  These drawings ranges from different sizes and mediums used. 

Sizes range from 9x12in to 24x30in.


Mix Media 

This includes watercolors, colored pencils and if chosen metallic paint, glitter and gold leaf



Pastel Drawings 

Done with high quality materials like Rembrandt, Schmincke, Faber-Castell and Utrecht Pastels and with a protection layer for longevity



Charcoal Drawing

Done with high quality materials and with a protection layer for longevity



Ink/Pencil Drawing

Sketch done with professional art pencils.


Ink Drawings/Paintings done on watercolor paper with high quality inks. 



Colored Pencil Drawings 

These are done with Polychromos, Luminace and Premier Prismacolor Pencils


Image (17).jpg

Quick Mix Media Sketch  

Done on colored hard stock paper with pastels, pen and colored pencils or whats available. On 8x11 paper.


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